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Full Container Lot Deliveries


Container deliveries must be unloaded quickly in order to avoid detention charges from the shipping lines and transport companies. Sometimes, certain types of delays may cause unforeseen costs to occur.

Please note that any unforeseen costs that Maxpak incurs due to detention or inspections, will be recovered from the client at cost – in a separate invoice.

In most cases, FCL deliveries occur without any extra costs.

However, please be aware of some of the costs which may occur and follow the below guidelines.

The list below is not all inclusive, and subject to change at any time from the shipping line and relevant freight agents.

Days to unload the container.

For FCL deliveries, please be aware that you will have at most, 1-2 days to unload the container and notify the transport company to pick up the emptied container. Otherwise detention charges may be incurred.

Detention charges.
  • These occur when the number of “free” days given by the shipping line to have the empty container returned, expires without the container being returned. The number of free days is dependent on the shipping line that is being used to deliver your consignment, and this may vary with each delivery.
  • The “free” days begin from the day the container is discharged from the vessel – NOT from when you receive the container. This means that the “countdown” to detention charges may have commenced prior to you receiving the container delivery.
  • Weekends and public holidays are included in the “free” days – even though it will not be possible to pick up emptied containers on those days. Detention charges will be applied regardless of weekends or public holidays like Christmas, Easter or New Years Day.
  • Cartage companies who pick up containers after they are emptied, will require at least 72 working hours notice to perform the pick up of the empty containers and to dehire it at the depot. Forward planning is required.
  • Notification of an emptied container in writing via email or fax is preferred – in case there is a timing discrepancy later on with the transport company.
  • Inspection costs occur when federal government bodies such as Australian Quarantine or Australian Customs randomly select containers for inspection.  There may be unforeseen costs relating to these inspections – such as steam cleaning costs, storage costs and inspection fees.
  • “Driver waiting” and “futile trip” charges will be charged if the driver arrives on your premises and suffers a delay in picking up the empty containers or is unable to do so.
  • “Container damage and container cleaning” charges. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the container is not damaged while on your property.  The costs to repair any damage that occurs will be recovered from the client.  It is also the client’s responsibility to ensure that the container is returned in a clean state.  Please take the time to sweep any debris or dust from the inside of the container prior to returning it.  Dirty containers are often rejected from the container depot, with additional charges being levied. 
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