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Maxpak’s reliable, cost-effective and minimum-hassle packaging products are GUARANTEED to keep the workplace cleaner, safer and more productive!

From plain, colour or printed shopping bags to degradable bags, freezer bags, bread bags, bags on rolls, special zip-lock bags, industrial bags, recyclable bags and quality garbage bags for your waste baskets, Maxpak has the knowledge, expertise and resources to produce high-quality packaging products to achieve the exact results that you require – cost-effectively.

We’re plastic bags specialists, but we go beyond ‘bag making’

We also specialise in industrial packaging, with pallet wrap for logistics and manufacturing industries. Contact us for a complimentary pallet wrap demonstration and we’ll show you how to SAVE on your pallet wrap usage, while keeping your loads more stable and secure. 

Don’t forget to check out our trusted disposable products that many of our happy food service and cleaning industries clients rave about, claiming they make their workplace more profitable, enjoyable and productive. 

Simply choose from one of the following options to find out how Maxpak can help your company save money and improve its productivity! 

Consistent quality and service backed by solid 30-year research!

We’ve been around for longer than many of our competitors combined. In fact, we’ve been serving the Australian market for over 30 years! Why is that important to you? Simply because we are the packaging efficiency specialists. 

The truth is that we’re passionate about plastic bags, when most people are not. We understand and are fascinated by the intricate science and chemistry of plastics-making, and thus we’re able to produce innovative, cost-effective and quality solutions that keep the workplace clean, safer and more enjoyable. In fact, we’ve been doing it for over three decades!

We are not ‘buy and sell’ people! As packaging efficiency specialists, we CONSULT with clients to find tailor-made, hand-in-glove solutions to suit your needs, operations and budget,. Then we test our solution on-site for you, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that our solutions are exactly what you need. NO guesswork and NO assumptions – we follow a proven system with every client, every time – no exceptions!

3 EXTRA REASONS to get in touch with us TODAY!

EXTRA REASON #1: We’ll help you forget about work as soon as you ‘clock-off’! 
While many companies want to ‘sell you bags’, we are different. We’re in the business of improving your productivity and saving you money. We believe that you have to earn a person’s trust before you can earn their business. 

That’s why we’ll come to you to inspect your premises, examine your operations and speak with the key people to understand what packaging solutions will reduce your freight, storage, handling and inventory costs… while making your life easier and your workplace more enjoyable! 

EXTRA REASON #2: We’ll help you avoid those embarrassing and unnecessary accidents and breakages
that cost you money! 
Not only have we survived over three decades, but also many of our clients and suppliers have stuck with us from that very first day – in 1978. We think that in this day and age of economic instability, cut-throat competition and commoditisation, for a business (any business) to survive this long with the exact same supplier is no mean feat! 

After two major recessions and a depression, we’re still standing, and our business is still growing at a rapid pace, so naturally we think that we must be doing something right. It means that the cost-effective products we offer clients are reliable, consistent and time-tested, and, in the end, our clients benefit big time! 

EXTRA REASON #3: We welcome you to our family. 
We’re a 100% family-owned Australian company, and clients become part of our family. You know we care because we come to your place of work to talk with you and, also, because we follow up afterwards, training your personnel to make sure they use our quality products in the most effective and economical way. We offer all those exclusive benefits at no extra cost to you, to help you ensure a smooth, profitable and hassle-free operation.  

We’ve given you very specific and tangible reasons why Maxpak can save you time, money and unnecessary hassle. Frankly, we believe that NO ONE will work just as hard, and try just as much as we do, on your behalf. But, you have to see it for yourself …

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