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Food Safety HACCP


You Need For Your Products
  • Punitive fines and litigation
  • Devastating Product Recalls
  • Irreparable damage to thereputation of your product
These are some of the disastrous consequences that are faced by the Australian Food Industry in today’s environment of increasing scrutiny and heightened regulation.

The problem is severe enough that, according to The Department of Health, food illness affects 11,500 Australians every day, and causes 120 deaths per year. Yet many companies supplying plastic packaging for food contact still don’t do proper checks to ensure food safety.

Let alone think about getting a HACCP certification. But we at Maxpak have.

HACCP certification (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is internationally recognised for Food Safety Standards. Because we treat our packaging products with the same level of robust accountability as all reputable food manufacturers, we have earned that certification.

But we went one better than this.

We contracted Preeminent Food Safety Practitioner and Advocate, Mr Gavin Buckett from Australian Food Safety, on an ongoing basis to inspect, review and maintain our world’s best practice.

So far, we have installed safety protocols over and above HACCP requirements to ensure that every potential safety hazard is prevented. Here are some of the key initiatives already in place:

  • All deliveries of materials are run through a 12 point food safety check
  •  Annual food safety audits are conducted by external auditors
  •  Internal audits and reviews are conducted quarterly
  •  Our premises is checked twice every day for potential food safety hazards
  •  Regular staff Food Safety training with up to date legal requirements

It’s only by ensuring that all our food packaging is Food Safe that we can make totally sure that the Supply Chain is food safe.

For more information on Maxpak’s HACCP certification or our food safe range of carton liners, bulk bags, freezer bags, and produce rolls please contact us on 03 8523 8200, or visit


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