Herald Sun Front Page. 9th May, 2013

The front page of Herald Sun on Thursday the 9th of May, 2013 showed an arrest in a dramatic and public scene at the South Melbourne Market.

During the arrest, a mobile phone, cash and other items were seized as evidence.  

The evidence was collected in a few Tamper Evident Bags. 


A Tamper Evident Bag being used to collect evidence

Maxpak manufacture these types of bags, which are designed to protect the integrity of the items inside from external interference.  Once sealed, any attempt to access the bag will result in the bag’s Tamper Evident features making the intrusion clear.

The Tamper Evident Bags website is a good source of information for Tamper Evident Bags, as is the video on our YouTube channel (below).  If YouTube Channels are blocked on your network, then try  our Tamper Evident Security Bags Video Page.


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