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High Strength LDPE

By: MaxValu


Product Code: L-C

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Strong, low cost clear bags with incredible tear resistance.
Our unique blend of multiple raw materials and additives has enabled us to produce tough, durable thin-film bags that cost less.v Our LDPE clear bags are resistant to oil and water, and have great transparency and a consistent finish, ideal for fresh meat, fish, bread, and vegetable produce.
The bags are manufactured from food grade raw materials, and are heat sealable.
Our proprietary mix of special additives to the LDPE plastic base material has enabled us to produce super-thin yet durable bags that because of their lightness can save in transportation costs and take up less storage space.
Though made with food grade materials, LDPE bags tend to offer less overall strength than HDPE bags.


Bag Size: 84X45 CM
Carton Quantity: 5x50 (250 Bags)

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