Portion Control Cups

MaxValu portion control cups are a great way to control the portion sizes of liquids, sauces and medication. Maxpak’s portion control cups were designed in the USA, and are actually used by the American KFC. It features high clarity optics on both the lids and the bases, with quality construction for a tight fitting lid.

Available in a range of sizes, portion control cups are mostly used by the food service and health service industries.

Packaging specifications for all sizes:

CUP0.75High Clarity0.75OZ (25ML)50X100
CUP1High Clarity1.0OZ  (30ML)50X100
CUP1.5High Clarity1.5OZ  (45ML)20X125
CUP1.5WTranslucent1.5OZ  (45ML)20X125
CUP2High Clarity2.0OZ  (60ML)20X125
CUP3.25High Clarity3.25OZ (95ML)20X125
CUP5.5High Clarity5.5OZ  (160ML)20X125
CUP16High Clarity16OZ (500ML)20X50
CUP24High Clarity24OZ (700ML)20X

Cups – Packaging Specifications

LID 0.75/1 (FOR 25ML&30ML)50X100
LID 1.5/2 (FOR 45ML&60ML)20X125
LID 16/24 (FOR 500ML&700ML)20X50
LID 3.25/4/5.5 (FOR 95ML&115ML&160ML &CUP6*)20X125
LID DOME 16/24 (FOR 500ML&700ML)20X50

Lids – Packaging Specifications