Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags and Bin Liners

Did you know that our garbage bags and bin liners are known in the industry as the ‘SUPER-EMINENT’ brand?For years they have been used at some of Australia’s biggest events, like the Australian Tennis Open, Spring Racing Carnival, and Australian Grand Prix.

You’d think that bags this good and so popular must cost a fortune but you’ll be surprised.

We can offer you durable garbage bags, bin liners and tidy bags at an affordable price! In fact, much less than you’d expect.

Our garbage bag range includes black, clear and degradable varieties and our bin liners are available on rolls and in flat packs (individually dispensable) – with a large range of sizes available.

Our bin liner range includes garbage bags with star seals for leakage resistance and bin liners with gusset seals for extra volume.

Our bags are affordable but not the cheapest ones around!

The cheapest bag on the market is not that cheap if your staff have to ‘double up’ to avoid all spills and tears you get with inferior bags.

Often, office supply people place an order not knowing that the few cents they save per bag results in frustration and even accidents for those that use it.  

As the saying goes it makes no sense to be Penny wise and pound foolish!

Here at Maxpak we believe that everything counts. That’s why we produce tough, quality garbage bags and bin liners that do the job they’re supposed to.

We don’t promise that our garbage bags

will never ever break. And they are no good for transporting little elephants, rhinos or sharp hoofed animals! But they are great for almost anything else.

  • Smelly deposits
  • Awkward garbage
  • Oil packaging
  • And even many pointy items!

We pride ourselves on our consistent quality. You get the same quality product, box after box and year after year with us. That’s our promise.  

With a wide array of purpose designed garbage bags for the needs of contract cleaners to pubs and restaurants – we are sure to have the right product for you.

Bag sizes

Our garbage bag range includes sizes for 18 litre, 27 litre and 36 litre “tidy bags” for smaller bins. 

We also have the popular 72 litre and 80 litre size

bin liners

for the most common garbage bins. Our largest bin bags are the 120 litre and 240 litre “wheelie ” bin bags – usually used by councils for rubbish collection.

Other Bags

Our Bags

Ourbin linersare super-tough and hold gross, smelly and
‘back-breakingly’ heavy rubbish inside.
That’s where you want it!

We also supply degradable garbage bags

Environmentally friendly garbage bags

that will breakdown and return to nature with proper disposal.

Call us today on 03 8523 8200 or send us an email via the contact form, we’d love to hear from you.

We know that as soon as you see and feel the quality of our bags you will be placing an order soon! We look forward to doing business with you.