Dog Poo Bags

If You Are Responsible For The Maintenance And Care Of Public Parks And Gardens  ……  There Is An EASIER And Less-Messy Way To Make The Dog Poop Disappear … Used By Major Councils, Public Parks And Gardens –  Australia Wide !

To the Guardians of Aussie Public Parks and Gardens,

Unfortunately, some dog owners are utterly irresponsible 

We have all done it before.  Walking in the park, or stepping onto the nature strip – and stepping right into some steaming, hot pile of doggy poo, and we’ve done it more than once!  

Maxpak have provided the most cost effective Dog Waste Solution for public parks and gardens since the year 2000.   

In this time, the innovations that we pioneered, such as introducing the “tie up” handle, and using degradable materials – were the first time that such products were seen in Australian Public Parks and Gardens.

Maxpak offer both the Dog Waste Bags as well as the Dog Waste Bag Dispensers as part of the solution.

Of course, we also want to give you REASONS why we think that our dog poop bags and bag dispensers will give you less hassle and make your life easier … while protecting the environment, and helping make your neighbourhoods, parks and gardens clean, tidy and pleasant for all.

They are also very affordable, which is a big plus if your municipality is on a tight or limited budget.

That’s why ………

Aussie Parks and Gardens throughout Australia 
have been using our degradable dog poop bags for over 10 years!

Why? Simply because …

  • Our Dog Waste Bags are degradable
  • They are easy to unfold, separate and open.
  • They have tie-up handles – keeping the mess inside rather than all over the neighbourhood!
  • They unroll from the outside in – making it easy to install. 
  • Require no maintenance.
  • There are 225 bags on a single roll – they need to be replaced less frequently. 
  • We even have products with even larger quantities of bags)
  • They are used by major councils, in public parks and gardens Australia-wide!
  • We promise on-time delivery – every time!
  • Our Dog Poo Bags also fit MOST other dispensers, as well as our own!
  • Thanks to their clearly defined perforated line, it’s super easy to separate the Dog Poo bags from the roll and open it.  

Most importantly, these bags are manufactured and produced by Maxpak Australasia. We have been around since 1979. We are a reputable, well-established and trusted company. We always keep our commitments to quality and service, and that’s what has kept us in business all these years. 

Please contact us on 03 8523 8200 or via the web form and ask us for some samples.

See for yourself why these bags are better, tougher and more ‘reliable’. 
Simply put, they do the job that they’re supposed to!

Sturdy dog poo bags, so good even the Government trusts them!

Dog Waste Bag Dispensers

Say goodbye to bad pickups!

If you have experienced a bad pickup before, then you know how difficult washing ‘doggie poo’ off your hands, clothes or car keys can be!

That’s where these degradable bags will save you embarrassment and soap! Because they have long handles you can tie the bag quickly, to keep the odours and the yucky stuff inside without oozing or splashing out. 

Using these bags you’ll feel less conscious when handling your dog’s messy poops! PLUS …

  • You can easily pick up multiple droppings.
  • You get 600 QUALITY DEGRADABLE BAGS for a one low price!
  • Even though there are SO MANY bags, you won’t believe how little room they take! 
  • They are easy to store in a car or a drawer, you can easily fit several of these bags in your pocket. 
  • Our degradable gabs are easy to unfold, seperate and open – especially important when you want to get it over and done with quickly.
  • They have two long tie-up handles, so you can tie the knot quickly and easily!
  • The bag is thick enough so the ‘gross factor’ is dramatically reduced. 
  • They unroll from the outside in – making your life easier!
  • Our bags ARE degradable!
  • They are used by all major councils in public parks and gardens Australia-wide!

Most importantly, our degradable bags do what they are supposed to do, so you can pick up the ‘uh’ stuff with ease!

They are good to handle even those large dogs’ business … 

Whether you have a tiny 3 kilo Pomeranian or a super-heavy 122 kilo St. Bernard, this degradable bag will handle it. 

It will hold big or small poo just fine. If you have a small dog, no problems – big dog, no problems. Don’t’ forget, you can also use them for multiple droppings.

SAVE BIG DOLLARS With Our Super Saver Pack!

Our degradable bags are 400mm long, 200mm wide, with a gusset of 100mm!

There are 200 degradable bags per roll. And if you take advantage of our Super Saver Pack you will get three rolls – a total of 600 degradable bags – for a one low price!

Most importantly, we guarantee the count on each roll, so will get exactly the number of bags we promise – never a bag less!

You can order with confidence knowing that our degradable bags are big enough and strong enough to help you avoid those embarrassing dirty pickup situations.

These generous-sized bags will allow you to get your hand in and out more than once. if your dog drops more than once!

If you have more than one dog … then this already affordable bag could save you even more money. It will definitely save you lots of frustration and embarrassment.  

You’ll have to pay almost double for lower-quality bags at the big chain stores.


You can order small, and still qualify for the $0 shipping anywhere in Australia!

And we give you the following guarantee, for your own peace of mind …

The ‘Happy-Paw’ GUARANTEE!

We guarantee that our bags will make your life easier and your walks more enjoyable. Simply because they are free of manufacturing defects, they won’t tear, rip, split open, leak, or explode. Using our accident-free bags you will be able to pick after your dog the quick, easy and non-smelly way! That’s our guarantee to you.

These bags can also be used to scoop the kitty box, bin baby diapers and other messy stuff that needs to be ‘locked’ and disposed off quickly!

Your walks will be enjoyable AGAIN 
(for you and the dog!)

Let’s face it …

You care about the dog, you care about the environment, you want to keep our parks and walking tracks enjoyable to all – you deserve the best!

A dirty pickup will wreck your whole morning and could strain your relationship with the dog. That’s why it makes sense to get ready for that expected and unexpected doggie business by arming yourself with a bag that you and your dog can depend on. 

Our bags will make your life easier, and your runs in the park, your strolls down the local neighbourhood, and city walking, less stressful and much more enjoyable. 

They do what they are intended to do – every time!

The quality is excellent – trusted by the Government and hundreds of responsible dog owners for the past 10 years! 

The price is great.

You’ll feel better throwing them in the garbage because they’re degradable.

Our degradable bags will make your life easier … your walks more enjoyable, and you dog happier and less stressed!

Most importantly, you can order securely online and our Super-Saver Pack will save you a bundle … while the postage and handling is on us!