Carton Liners

MaxValu carton liners: the most efficient and cost-effective way
to ship your precious products!

Maxpak’s carton liners and box liners should make your life easier and prevent unnecessary waste and mishaps in your business!

Our carton liners and box liners provide transport durability and integrity, ensuring that your pick-up boxes reach their destination exactly how they leave your premises. After all, that’s your goal, isn’t it?

That’s where we can help!

Carton liners, also known as box liners, tub liners or crate liners are a plastic barrier inserted into a box, carton or crate during the packaging of a particular product in order to prevent the migration of oils, inks, dyes, fats and liquids from the product to the outside of the packaging.

The carton liner also protects the product from dust and dirt getting into the product as it often does when there is no protective barrier in place. 

Who needs carton liners and box liners?

Carton liners are typically used in the fresh food industry, with many of Australia’s chicken, meat, seafood, fruit and vegetable suppliers transporting their fresh produce in cartons lined with carton liners.

Of course, the use of carton liners is not restricted to fresh produce. Any product which is packed ‘loose’ into a carton or transported in pick-up boxes can benefit and be protected by a carton liner or a box liner. For example, the textile industry uses carton liners to prevent dyed fabrics from losing colour during transit. 

Carton liners protect your product, brand and reputation!

Maxpak can offer you a range of carton liners to suit your business needs. Our carton liners are manufactured from food safe raw material, which makes them suitable for meat packing and food processing applications.

MaxValu carton liners are available with several options for different applications.

  • MaxValu box liners are available in different types of materials. With a variety of liners built for toughness, others for puncture resistance, still others for economy.
  • MaxValu carton liners are available in different colours to allow for easy product differentiation at sites which pack multiple products. This will assist your staff be more productive.
  • MaxValu box liners are available in a roll format with perforated tear off bags or a flat pack format, in which the bags are individually dispensed. All you need do is identify which solution is most suitable for your type of operations and order accordingly.
  • MaxValu carton liners can be made with welded gussets, also known as non-entrapment corners. This means that your products won’t get stuck in the corners of the box liner which is particularly important for frozen products.

Unprotected goods can cause serious accidents!

We can custom make carton liners to suit your individual applications in order to provide you with a completely tailored packaging service.

If your products are shipped in cartons then call us today on 03 8523 8200 or send us an email via the contact formto find out how our carton and bin liners can protect your products in transit.  

You can call us with confidence – many of Australia’s largest food processors and transporters continue ordering from us.

We look forward to assisting you in protecting your products’ integrity.

Don’t take your packaging lightly – unprotected cargo can cause serious accidents or worse.