It just amazes me how an idea that can be so unpopular will catch so much traction in the media and people think it is something so viral it belongs on a social media site. The plastic bag ban is just an example of a long list of stupid ideas being championed be a misguided few. It seams like every day another country, or state is trying to take away plastic bags. I would like to jump in for one minute and officially say “Just get your hands off my plastic bags”. Banning plastic bags because they litter our streets and parks is completely misguided.

The issue seems to be headed up by the environmentalist community, but this is one of those options doing more harm than good. If they really wanted to do something for the environment, they should campaign and organize against paper bags, boxes, printed junk mail ads and cigarette butts. Would it surprise you that plastic bags are only 2% (Data from Cleanup Australia) of all litter?  From the level of hysteria that gets created, you would have thought that there so many bag littering our streets that we were all bound to trip over them the second we step foot outside the house. Guess what? We don’t!

Plastic bags don’t even make the top 10 most common litter items. The complete list from 2010 is below: are we going to ban all those as well??

(data from Clean Up Australia)

1. Cigarette butts

2. Small paper pieces

3. Polystyrene pieces

4. PET drink bottles

5. Confectionery and chips bags

6. Plastic bottle caps

7. Alcoholic beverage bottles

8. Glass pieces

9. Aluminium cans

10. Metal bottle caps