425mm width machine stretch pallet wrapping film – an OBSOLETE gimmick from the last decade.  Use TODAY’s technology to decrease your costs PER WRAP.

425mm wide stretch film is an inefficient format for high volume stretch film users. We have superior films for wrapping your pallets at high velocity.

425mm width pallet wrap was developed by Amcor a decade ago in order to reduce overlap and subsequent rotations of stretch film wrapping. Since then technology has changed so that this impaired format is no longer necessary to achieve this objective.


stretch film 425mm

All the benefits of 425 mm wide stretch film can be achieved with 500 mm wide stretch film, with today’s technology. Maxpak’s Velocity machine stretch film can stretch up to 300%, giving it superior yield to 425mm width film – with the effect of reducing your overall film usage. It can reduce your cost per wrap.

Maxpak have stock available immediately, and would welcome the opportunity to provide an obligation free appraisal to show the yield benefits and potential dollar savings of our machine stretch film.

Maxpak can also supply pallet wrapping machines, as well as servicing plans for them if required.

Contact us now to find a mutually convenient time, and we would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and find ways to reduce your cost per wrap.

Check out this link to see our range of Maxpak Velocity Pallet Wrapping Film.