PictureThe Genius Mop 360 Spin

The long awaited Genius Mop has now arrived at Maxpak.  This revolutionary mop has a patented handle which allows the mop to spin effortlessly in its wringer basket.

Retail sales are available at www.SpinMopAustralia.com.au
Introducing the Genius Mop! It’s not an ordinary mop. 

Simple, Practical – Genius.  There are other spin mops, but only one GENIUS MOP.

Genius Mop uses less water, needs less hand power and you don’t have to touch the mop head to wring it out. 

Yes, it makes mopping floors cleaner and smarter!

Simply put the mop in the wringer, flick the intelligent lever and stroke the handle to spin the mop head dry–without ever touching it. REVOLUTIONARY!

The mop comes out damp but never soaking wet, so it’s lighter to handle, easier to mop with and cleans dirt from almost all surfaces, including:

  • Hardwood or timber floors
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles 
  • Parquet floors 
  • Linoleum 
  • Laminate
  • Marble

It also mops sealed floors! Is there any surface this mop cannot clean?

And, thanks to the microfibre strands, you can use it wet or dry (as a duster). The two-in-one, easy-to-use Genius Mop really lives up to its name. 


The Genius Mop 360 spin


Genius Mop Carton Contents

Genius Mop Floor Mopping System:

  • Lightweight, ergonomic anti-rust aluminium-alloy handle (adjustable length)
  • Smart lever used for wringing the microfibre mop head
  • The cyclonic force of the wringing mechanism rotates up to 2500 revolutions per minute and wrings out trapped water with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. 
  • Mop head can easily detach for a quick wash.
  • Tough anti-splash bucket


The Genius Mop bucket is not just a bucket. Most buckets are a bit wobbly on the floor. They are unbalanced and spill water easily. That’s why we think you’ll love Genius Mop!

  • The bucket is well made, durable and solid. 
  • There is no need to kick, press, or even touch the bucket to wring water out of the mop head.  
  • The ‘twin bucket’ technology keeps the bucket balanced and the water inside – not all over your floor, boards or tiles. 
  • The cyclonic wringing mechanism can rotate up to 2500 revolutions per minute as it wrings out trapped water and dirt from the mop head. 

More Information available at www.SpinMopAustralia.com.au