A problematic effect of the Plastic Bag Ban in various states of Australia, are reports that Compostable Bags (AS4736 Compliant) have had problems acutally degrading in compostable environments – As reported by the City of Monash in Victoria: Although the bags will break down into organic material eventually, they do not break down quickly enough for the green waste processing equipment to handle. And also, a report from the City of Maroondah in Victoria: Maroondah Council has asked residents not to put so-called compostable bags in garden waste bins. Mayor Peter Gurr said the bags “often failed to breakdown as promised” and posed a risk of contamination and increased processing costs. Acting chief executive officer Vern Steele said the cornstarch-based bags were “just not compatible” with available composting systems. Also compounding the problem are instances of companies engaging in misleading, deceptive and fraudulent conduct: From at least May 2009 it was claimed that ‘Goody’ branded plastic bags were biodegradable and compostable in accordance with the Australian Standard* and that they could be legally supplied in South Australia, when this was not the case as the bags: 

These examples of rorts and non performance, really call into question the wisdom of Government’s legislating for an “environmental winner.”