Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Maxpak has been synonymous with quality commercial cleaning supplies for the past two decades.

The MaxValu range of garbage bags, bin liners and kitchen tidy liners, is one of the most renowned and long serving in the industry. There are none that can boast our heritage in high-quality plastics manufacture, and our tradition (since 1979) of consistent excellence.

In addition to that, the MaxValu range of disposable gloves now encompasses materials from PVC (vinyl), latex and nitrile rubber. These are available in powder and powder free varieties, with a selection of sizes to suit different hands. The famous red box of our vinyl range of gloves is synonymous with excellence in the food service and cleaning industries.

Maxpak delux cleaning wipes represents another high-quality cleaning product, complemented by our range of scourers, paper hand towels and commercial grade toilet paper.