With some states legislating for a “plastic bag ban” – several national retailers have sought alternatives to the humble plastic singlet bag. Most alternatives revolve around bags manufactured from other materials. The below list gives an idea of the approximate costs associated with alternate materials in comparison to plastic singlet bags.

  • String Handle Paper Bags: 9.5 times more expensive.
  • Non Woven Polypropylene Bags: 35 times more expensive. (eg. the “Green” Bags available at supermarkets, which are also a plastic material)
  • Compostable Carry Bags: 7 times more expensive.
  • Boutique Carry Bags: 3 times more expensive. (eg. the types of bags used at department stores)
  • 35 micron singlet plastic bag: twice as expensive.

Maxpak can supply all of the alternatives mentioned above.