Garbage Bin Receptacle dimensionsGarbage Bin Receptacle dimensions

This sounds easy – because there are common descriptions such as “72 litre bin liner”, or “240 litre garbage bag”, etc. etc. But did you know that these “descriptions” of bin liners actually vary throughout Australia?  For example, a “72 litre garbage bag” in Melbourne can be different to a “72 Litre bin liner” in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or Sydney!  That’s because the “litre” description came from the garbage bin manufacturers, who all had slightly different ways of doing things.  

The best way is to know exactly what bin liner dimensions (length and width) you need.  If you aren’t sure, or if you have a custom sized garbage bin receptacle then you can use the following method to estimate the ideal size you need:

  • Width measurement: Take the circumference of the bin or receptacle and divide it by half.
  • Length measurement: Use the height of the bin and then add about 75 mm – 120 mm for “overhang” which helps keep the bin liner from falling inside, and allows you to tie the bag up when removing it from the receptacle.