We often get questions about what the difference is between the types of sealing methods used for bin liners and garbage bags.  Well, here is the run down.

PictureStar Seal Bin Liner

A Star Seal bin liner is aptly named. It looks like a star.  This seal provides exceptional strength because it is folded several times over the underside of the bin liner before being sealed.  This seal is:

  •  best for eliminating leaks and
  •  easy to fit within a garbage bin receptacle.

However, it does reduce the volume of available space inside the bag.

PictureFlat Seal Bin Liner

Flat Seal trash bags are self explanatory. Just as the name infers, a flat seal is simply a two-dimensional bag with a bottom seal. Unlike the star sealed bag which folds it’s plastic multiple times, the flat seal allows for a larger amount of volume inside for waste. Flat seal bags are generally leak-proof, but because they are 2 dimensional, they do not conform very well to the shape of most rubbish bins.


Gusset Seal Bin Liner

The Gusset Seal design is a composite idea of the other designs. It’s a flat style bag made with both sides tucked in to form gussets.  Where the bag is indented, it has to be sealed through four layers of film, while the middle of the bag has only two layers.  This type of construction means that there is a weakness where leaks can occur. Nevertheless, they are still extremely popular because of the ease of manufacture and good fit inside the garbage bin receptacle.