Artwork Development Process

Maxpak can print many different types of artwork designs to create beautiful customised packaging products for your Company.
However, please note:

  • Finished artwork files in PDF, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is preferred.
  • Scanned images are not acceptable as “finished artwork”.  Additional costs may apply to convert scanned images into artwork files.

Maxpak is not a graphic arts agency.  

  • We do not have the resources to develop concepts for logo’s and artwork from scratch.
  • We do not have the resources to perform major artwork changes.
  • We do not have the resources to draw or recreate digital images.
  • We do not have access to a vast library of different font styles.

Maxpak can perform minor artwork changes. (eg. move the position of artwork elements) for clients.  
Maxpak also has working partnerships with several graphic arts agencies who can help with complicated requirements, however additional costs will be charged.

The process for custom artwork for packaging products is as follows:

  1. Client will provide finished artwork file to Maxpak, along with PMS colours required.
  2. Maxpak will produce a first draft by using the provided artwork and positioning it onto an approximate outline of the bag.
  3. Client will approve the first draft concept.
  4. Maxpak will produce a final draft of the artwork with a detailed outline of the bag.
  5. Client will approve the final draft.
  6. Order will be executed, printing blocks will be made and production will commence.

** Please note that if additional drafts are required, charges may apply.
** Printing block and preparation charges will depend on the complexity of the artwork and the size required.