About Us

MAXPAK - Your packaging efficiency specialists

MAXPAK is a family-owned Australian manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality packaging products that make your workplace more enjoyable, more profitable and more productive. 

Since 1979 MAXPAK has been supplying high quality, cost-effective and consistently reliable plastic bags, pallet wrap, food-grade carton liners and disposable packaging products. 

Our clients include many of Australia’s biggest retail chains, third party logistics providers, market-leading cleaning suppliers, food processors and meat exporters. 

Company profile

The MAXVALU promise

Our promise is that, as packaging efficiency specialists, we’ll deliver maximum value and greater cost savings to clients – with our maximum commitment. In fact, our brand name is MAXVALU [Maks Val-Yoo] and it stands for MAXIMUM VALUE and MAXIMUM COMMITMENT. These are not just mere words. It’s a big, bold and ambitious promise that we’ve been delivering on for over three long decades. That’s over 30 solid years of MAXVALU for clients!

For over 30 years we have been assisting high-end retailers, grocery store owners, commercial cleaning companies, and logistics and manufacturing industries eliminate those embarrassing accidents, breakages, and splashes that cost clients in lost productivity, time, and resources. 

By combining our attention to detail and sheer determination and loyalty for clients, with the support of honest and trustworthy suppliers, we have been able to produce reliable, cost-effective and consistent packaging products that keep clients coming back, again and again. 

Our unique business philosophy

As packaging efficiency specialists we CONSULT with clients to find tailored packaging solutions, with the most cost-effective methods for all their packaging needs. We take the time to analyse all the requirements of clients, and then devise effective solutions that enhance their operations and improve business productivity. 

Even though we are always innovating, and looking for better ways to produce a superior product, we always stick to 100% genuine ‘ingredients’ – we never dilute raw materials with cheap fillers. That’s why our solutions are so dependable. 

We do the ‘unthinkable’ … that’s why our clients keep coming back!

We don’t stop there … as packaging efficiency specialists we will show you how to use LESS of our product, so you can achieve greater cost savings while eliminating waste and redundancy. 


We’ll come to you in your place of work to understand your long-term and short-term goals, and to be able to devise effective packaging solutions that meet your strategic and financial objectives. 

Then we’ll TEST our solutions at your premises because we know that the last thing you want is nasty surprises. We’ll work together with you and your key people to ensure that the solutions we offer fit the scope of your operations and objectives, while saving you money and improving your productivity. 

Many of our clients are impressed by the fact that we have been part of a solid supply chain for over three long decades. Not only have we been in business for this time, but many of our clients and suppliers have been with us all this long – for over 30 long years!

This relationship longevity, envied in the industry, is achievable due to our high standards of ethical business practices and dedicated focus on long-term mutually beneficial relationships combined with our MAXVALU commitment to delivering maximum value to clients – every time!

Driven by science and innovation

Of course, MAXPAK wouldn’t be where it is today without the passion, hard work and influence of our dedicated founder – John Young. A high achiever from an early age, John, was awarded a scholarship and studied chemistry at the prestigious Harvard University, Boston (USA), the school of 8 US presidents, which was established in 1636. 

John was one of the first packaging product pioneers who could see the ‘Big Picture’… Back in the late 70s John realised that the market was ‘starved’ for dependable packaging product solutions. Through his extensive personal research he realised that quality packaging solutions reduce freight, storage, handling and inventory costs for the company, and would make it more profitable and successful and (ultimately) help solidify the economy of this great country. 

His great passion for making a difference at a micro and macro level, combined with his hard work, impeccable personal ethics and strong business acumen and scientific distinction and background, has laid the foundation for the unique set of values and our customer-focused operations that we are guided by and respected for in the industry. 

The difference that makes the difference

Here at MAXPAK we’re also less bureaucratic and more flexible, and thus willing to walk the extra mile (or more!) to keep delivering on our bold customer-focused MAXVALU promise and the excellent quality products that we are known for.

Why not put us to the test to find out how we can make your life easier, and your company more profitable and productive, this year. Remember, we are not just ‘packaging people’ – we are THE packaging efficiency specialists!