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There are several good reasons why FlextTex gloves are superior to Latex gloves in Food Handling applications. 

1.)  Flextex gloves have a close and flexible fit to provide a real and sensitive touch. Have you ever wondered why doctors DO NOT use the same floppy plastic gloves that cleaners use to clean dunnys?  Well, it’s because they NEED to feel exactly what they are doing.  That’s what the Flextex glove does as well.  It give you the ability really feel what you doing, while you are working with food. 

2.)  Flextex gloves are latex free.  In fact, they aren’t manufactured with any traces of latex or rubber at all!  So this means that all the people with latex sensitivities or allergies don’t have anything to worry about.

3.) Flextex gloves are tougher than normal vinyl gloves, yet much more cost effective than the latex gloves.

4.)  Ever have trouble with that white powder that comes with standard gloves?  At the end of your shift, you might find that your black trousers are now “sprinkled white”.  The best thing about Flextex Gloves is that there is no powder at all, so the clothes stay clean.

Check out the video link above and see what the staff at the Al Dente deli in Sunbury have to say.  

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